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The Cora--What's happened in 2011? PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 September 2011 19:25

Maranatha Ministries in Mexico's year began with some significant events in the mountains of Nayarit. In January Pastor Miguel distributed 500 festively wrapped shoe boxes from the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child project. Rick piloted the Cessna to help deliver 150 of these to Gavilanes. In each pueblo the children gathered, with adults watching from the edges of the group, and heard a gospel message, sang, played games, ate treats, and opened their gifts provided by Christians in the U.S.

New projects began and others continued as pilot Rick and Faye headed up once more to Santa Teresa and Gavilanes in February of this year. Faye's goal was to visit family units and encourage unity, Bible study, and weekly worship times together, with the father taking the lead. Each family was given a packet of Bible lessons. Inspirational books were given out to encourage the believers.

 It became apparent that abuse of alcohol was weakening some of the leaders, and thus the church, in Santa Teresa. Accidents and tragedies had touched the church families. Many of the Cora women were alone in caring for and supporting the children while fathers were drunk, in prison, or missing for long periods of time. Faye was able to pray with and strengthen some of these women. One, a new Christian with a husband in prison, would in the near future have to attend the funerals of a father and brother lost to violence in her lowland village.

In March, once again Rick and the Cessna made a trip over, carrying Dr. Sam Showalter and his wife Jan along with Faye to hold meetings in Santa Teresa. Dr. Showalter taught the Christians about alcohol and its physical effects on the body, and why only one drink often sets a man off on a binge of days or even weeks. It was encouraging for them to see that some of the men took it to heart and we asked those on our mailing list to pray for the men with this problem.

After one more trip in the mountains with the aircraft, difficulties with the permissions to fly in the mountains and the strong warnings of the officials led to a decision to stop flights for the time being. Rick's Cessna is also due for a yearly  inspection to keep its US registration, so he and Kathy flew it to Oregon, where it was found not to be ready for the yearly inspection and is at this point grounded.Since then we have continued to support pastor Miguel in his regular travels to the mountains, frequently accompanied by his wife Maria. They have sent us regular reports on these visits, and are dedicated and energetic.  The Lord has kept him safe as he travels sometimes dangerous mountain roads in his little red pickup, the back filled with containers of extra gasoline, food, and supplies. The Cora Christians and their neighbors in the mountains do not feel safe, and with good reason. We pray that they will learn along with us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts, and not to depend on our own understanding...(from Proverbs 3:5).



Meeting Held PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 October 2010 03:30

Maranatha Ministries in Mexico held their board meeting the evening of Sunday, October 10, welcomed new members, and discussed taking a more active part in supporting the mission. For a list of current board members please see the Governance section of this web site.

August Update PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 15:06
Young Girl & Grandparents in Church - Maranatha Ministries in Mexico

Good news! Cindy and José are in Oregon getting a much needed break in their busy routine administrating Campestre Maranatha. The camp and La Paz area are dry and dusty as measurable rain has not fallen in about 10 months and everyone hopes that the usual tropical storms and hurricanes this time of year will change that and green up the desert without any damage.

On our recent flight into the mountains of Nayarit we found the Cora church members well. Faye was able to travel with us to visit many of her dear friends. Miguel and Maria had just finished a week of Vacation Bible School in Santa Teresa. They held several of these with a team of young people in various Cora villages. While coming in to land, Rick spotted Miguel by the waterfall supervising the kids, who always look forward to taking a fun hike on the last day.

We landed in the red mud of the airstrip as the rain clouds closed in. Soon a young man came looking for us, hoping for a medical evacuation of his brother,a gunshot victim. Unfortunately persistent fog had grounded the plane. The next morning was still foggy, so it was decided to drive him to Tepic in the back of a pickup truck. Being unable to fly him to the city quickly was frustrating. That second day we walked through the wet grass to the little brick church and worshiped with the Cora brothers. Miguel shared a message, and each of the visitors gave a short greeting to the group. We had to move quickly when an opening in the cloud cover was spotted in order to take off and make it safely home.

Cora Kids - Maranatha Ministries in Mexico

Instead of returning to La Paz, Faye headed  to Guadalajara for a reunion. She and Ben Taylor were outreach coordinators for a Bible College there before moving to La Paz in the early 1980s. Faye reports that it was exciting to see how the Lord has used the lives of those she saw at the reunion in the years since they were last together.

Thank you to those of you who pray and give in so many different ways. We plan another trip to the mountains in September and will keep you informed with monthly updates.

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