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His Treasure in Earthen VesselsClick here to purchase "His Treasures in Earthen Vessels" on Amazon.com

It is His life, power, and light that has brought outstanding results in many villages and cities of Mexico. We have this treasure in earthen vessels.

In 1955 Cecil and Faye Byers, Mennonites from Oregon, believed God and followed Him to Mexico. Loading up a 1953 Ford 4x4 with two toddlers and everything they owned, they drove the entire length of the Baja trail. The thrill of seeing many new believers won led them on through tragedy and hardships. During Cecil’s short life they experienced the adventure of landing in remote mountaintop meadows and the joy of reaching the unevangelized villages they found there.

After years working alone in Mexico, Faye married Ben Taylor, a widowed elder at Bible Temple in Portland, Oregon. After two years pastoring together in Oregon, Ben was used to bring strength and maturity to the believers in Mexico. At sixty he said, “I want my next twenty years to count for more than all the years of my previous ministry.” God granted his desire.

Faye believes that she has lived to experience the hundred times more that Jesus promised in Matthew 19:29. She now encourages both those working in Mexico and those willing to share behind the scenes, as they continue to carry this treasure in earthen vessels to an ever-widening circle. May this book convey the delight and deep satisfaction in the spiritual and in the natural that comes from sharing His treasure.

“I think this book ought be required reading for every missionary candidate whether they are in a Bible School, or are sent out from a local church or mission agency. It will give them a realistic insight as to what they must do to become successful missionaries who have remaining fruit after their years of missionary labor. This book may help shorten their learning curve on their pathway to seeing Biblical results from their efforts and sacrifice. I recommend that this book be in your church library and be recommended reading for the young people who are serious about serving the Lord.”

Ralph Mahoney
Founder of World MAP